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Confectionery, Confectionery, Soft Drinks, All Food Items

Trading from our current premises since 2010, P&P Wholesale Ltd have been supplying short dated and residual stock to retailers, market trader’s, online shops and other wholesalers.
We specialise in all food related items such as confectionary, soft drinks, groceries, crisps, biscuits, cakes and pet food. There is currently much confusion if short dated food is safe to eat. What many of us don’t know is that use-by dates are really the only numbers to which we need to pay attention. Reserved for highly perishable food like meat and fish, use-by dates will tell you at what point food is dangerous to eat. All the other dates, however, are simply the supermarket’s guess as to when food will be past its best. This doesn’t mean they’ll make you ill or they’ll taste bad, they’re just a marker of quality that supermarkets use to rotate their stock.
On top of that, manufacturers use different methods to determine what day is best for freshness or expiration, such as lab tests and consumer satisfaction questions, and it’s hard to tell what sort of method was used. Most labels are there to help guide a consumer with regards to the food’s freshness and not its safety, which can be a point of confusion and misunderstanding.
On this basis, many people are now realising that short-dated food is safe to eat and can be bought for a fraction of the manufacturers RRP. So if you are a market trader, retailer or online seller looking for a supplier of short dated, end of line or residual stock call.

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Food Bargains | Short Dated Food Wholesalers Manchester | Wholesale Short Dated
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